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1‘a shop selling all sorts of goods’

store, retail store, outlet, retail outlet, reseller, cash and carry
boutique, salon, parlour
establishment, emporium, department store, supermarket, hypermarket, superstore, warehouse club, warehouse, factory outlet, chain store, mall, shopping mall, shopping centre, retail centre, megastore, bargain basement, concession, market, mart, stall, stand, booth, counter, trading post
British multiple, multiple shop, multiple store, lockup
North American minimart, convenience store, mini-mall
informal shed
North American informal big box

2‘he works in the machine shop’

workshop, workroom, plant, factory, works, manufacturing complex, industrial unit, business unit, mill, foundry, yard, garage, atelier, studio
British shop floor
archaic manufactory


1‘we shop twice a week’

go shopping, do the shopping, buy what one needs, buy what one wants, buy things, go to the shops
buy, purchase, get, acquire, obtain, pick up, snap up, procure, stock up on, get in supplies of, look to buy, be in the market for

2‘the police got him to shop his fellow bank raiders’

inform against, inform on, betray, sell out, tell tales on, be disloyal to, be unfaithful to, break one's promise to, break faith with, stab in the back
informal tell on, rat on, put the finger on, squeal on, snitch on, peach on, sing about, sell down the river, blow the whistle on
British informal grass on, split on, stitch up, do the dirty on
North American informal rat out, finger, fink on, drop a dime on, drop the dime on
Australian, New Zealand informal pimp on, pool, put someone's pot on