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1‘this decision signified a fundamental change in their priorities’

be evidence of, be a sign of, mark, signal, mean, spell, add up to, amount to, denote, be symptomatic of, be a symptom of, reveal, manifest, designate
announce, herald, be an indication of, indicate, point to
literary betoken

2‘the symbol of an egg signifies life’

mean, denote, designate, represent, symbolize, stand for, correspond to, be equivalent to, imply
literary betoken

3‘signify your agreement by signing the letter below’

express, indicate, show, communicate, intimate
announce, proclaim, declare, pronounce

withhold, keep secret

4‘the locked door doesn't necessarily signify’

mean anything, mean something, be of importance, be of consequence, be important, be significant, be of significance, carry weight, be of account, count, matter, be relevant
informal cut any ice