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1‘Miguelito began to sing a traditional Spanish folk song’

chant, intone, croon, carol, chorus, warble, trill, pipe, quaver
render, perform
informal belt out
rare troll

2‘the birds were singing in the chestnut trees’

warble, trill, twitter, chirp, chirrup, cheep, peep

3‘he sang out a greeting’

call out, call, cry, cry out, shout, yell, trumpet, bellow, roar
informal holler, cooee

4‘maybe he's going to sing to the police’

inform, inform on someone, tell tales, tell tales on someone
informal squeal, rat on someone, blow the whistle on someone, peach, peach on someone, snitch, snitch on someone, put the finger on someone, sell someone down the river
British informal grass, grass on someone, shop someone
North American informal rat someone out, finger someone, fink on someone, drop a dime on someone, drop the dime on someone
Australian informal pimp on someone