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1‘you'd better sit down’

take a seat, seat oneself, settle down, be seated, take a chair
perch, install oneself, ensconce oneself, plant oneself, plump oneself, flop, collapse, sink down, flump
informal take the load off one's feet, take the weight off one's feet, park oneself, plonk oneself
British informal take a pew

stand, rise

2‘she sat the package on the table’

put, place, set, put down, set down, lay, deposit, rest, leave, stand
informal stick, bung, dump, park, plonk, pop, plant


3‘the chapel sat about 3,000 people’

hold, seat, have seats for, have space for, have room for, accommodate, take

4‘Walter Deverell asked her to sit for him’

pose, model

5‘an attractive hotel sitting on the west bank of the River Dee’

be situated, be located, be positioned, be sited, be placed, perch, rest, stand

6‘normally, the Appeals Committee sits on Saturday’

meet, assemble, convene, be in session

7‘they were determined that women jurists should sit on the tribunal’

serve on, have a seat on, hold a seat on, be a member of, carry out duties on, work on

8‘his shyness doesn't sit easily with Hollywood tradition’

be harmonious, go, fit in, harmonize, mesh

9‘I wonder if she'll be able to get Mrs Hillman to sit’

babysit, babymind, childmind


    sit tight

    1‘this shouldn't take long—just sit tight’

    stay put, stay there, wait there, remain in one's place

    2‘we're advising our clients to sit tight and neither buy nor sell’

    take no action, wait, hold back, hang back, be patient, bide one's time, play a waiting game
    hold one's horses
    sit back

    ‘sit back and enjoy the music’

    relax, unwind, lie back, loosen up
    informal let it all hang out, lighten up, veg out
    North American informal hang loose, stay loose, chill out, kick back
    sit in on

    ‘I sat in on a training session for therapists’

    attend, be present at, be an observer at, observe, watch
    North American audit
    sit in for

    ‘he's sitting in for the regular disc jockey’

    stand in for, fill in for, take the place of, cover for, substitute for, be a substitute for, act as stand-in for, deputize for
    hold the fort
    informal sub for
    North American informal pinch-hit for