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1‘the club's financial situation had deteriorated’

circumstances, set of circumstances, state of affairs, affairs, state, condition, case
informal ball game
US informal sitch

2the situation‘have a drink—it'll give me a chance to fill you in on the situation’

the facts, the picture, how things stand, the lie of the land, what's going on
British the state of play
North American the lay of the land
informal what's what, the score, the set-up

3‘hold on, we've got a situation here’

emergency, emergency situation, urgent situation, crisis, potential crisis
problem, problematic situation, awkward situation, difficult situation, difficulty, issue, plight, predicament, tight spot, tight corner, mess, trouble, bother
informal scrape, jam, fix, pickle, bind, hole, sticky situation, pretty kettle of fish, fine kettle of fish, how-do-you-do, hot water

4‘the hotel enjoys a pleasant situation on the south bank of the River Swale’

location, place, position, spot, site, locality, locale
setting, environment
Australian, New Zealand informal possie
technical locus

5‘he had recently been offered a situation in America’

job, day job, post, position, place, appointment
informal berth
Australian informal grip
archaic employ

6‘he was much above my sister's situation in life’

status, station, position, standing, footing, rank, degree