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1‘he'd sue me for slander if I made the accusation publicly’

defamation, defamation of character, character assassination, misrepresentation of character, calumny, libel
scandalmongering, malicious gossip, muckraking, smear campaigning, disparagement, denigration, derogation, aspersions, vilification, traducement, obloquy, backbiting, scurrility
lie, slur, smear, untruth, false accusation, false report, insult, slight
informal mud-slinging
North American informal bad-mouthing
archaic contumely

acclamation, praise


1‘they were accused of slandering the head of state’

defame, defame someone's character, blacken someone's name, give someone a bad name, tell lies about, speak evil of, speak ill of, drag through the mire, drag through the mud, fling mud at, sling mud at, throw mud at, sully someone's reputation, libel, smear, run a smear campaign against, cast aspersions on, spread scandal about, besmirch, tarnish, taint, misrepresent
malign, traduce, vilify, calumniate, disparage, denigrate, decry, run down
North American slur
British informal do a hatchet job on
rare derogate, asperse, vilipend

acclaim, praise