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1‘the child slumbered fitfully against his chest’

sleep, be asleep, doze, rest, take a siesta, nap, take a nap, catnap, drowse
sleep like a log, sleep like a top
informal snooze, snatch forty winks, get some shut-eye, be in the land of Nod
British informal kip, have a kip, get one's head down, zizz, get some zizz, doss, doss down
North American informal catch some Zs
literary be in the arms of Morpheus

wake up


1‘he drifted off into an uneasy slumber’

sleep, nap, doze, rest, siesta, drowse, catnap
beauty sleep
informal snooze, forty winks, a bit of shut-eye
British informal kip, zizz