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1‘I sneaked out by the back exit’

creep, slink, steal, slip, slide, sidle, edge, move furtively, tiptoe, pussyfoot, pad, prowl

2‘someone sneaked a camera inside’

bring surreptitiously, take surreptitiously, bring secretly, take secretly, bring illicitly, take illicitly, smuggle, spirit, slip

3‘she sneaked a glance at her watch’

snatch, take a furtive …, take a stealthy …, take a surreptitious …, get furtively, get stealthily, get surreptitiously, steal

4‘it felt wrong, like sneaking to an adult’

inform, inform against, inform on, act as an informer, tell tales, tell tales on, report, give someone away, be disloyal, be disloyal to, sell someone out, stab someone in the back
informal squeal, squeal on, rat, rat on, blow the whistle, blow the whistle on, peach, peach on, snitch, snitch on, put the finger on, sell someone down the river, stitch someone up
British informal grass, grass on, split, split on, shop
Scottish informal clype, clype on
North American informal rat someone out, finger, fink on, drop a dime on, drop the dime on
Australian informal pimp on, pool, put someone's pot on


1‘Ethel was the form sneak and goody-goody’

informer, betrayer, stool pigeon
informal snitch, finger, squealer, rat, nose
British informal grass, supergrass, nark, snout
Scottish informal clype
Scottish, Northern Irish informal tout
North American informal fink, stoolie
Australian informal fizgig, pimp, shelf
archaic intelligencer, beagle


1‘a sneak thief’

furtive, secret, stealthy, sly, surreptitious, clandestine, covert
private, quick, surprise