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1‘they found him slumped in a chair, snivelling’

sniffle, snuffle, run at the nose, have a running nose, have a runny nose
whimper, whine, weep, cry, shed tears, sob, howl, mewl, bawl
Scottish greet
informal blub, blubber, boohoo
British informal grizzle

2‘if you get caught, you shouldn't snivel about what you get’

complain, moan, mutter, grumble, grouse, groan, grouch, growl, carp, bleat, whine, object, make a fuss
Northern English mither, twine
Scottish, Irish gurn
informal gripe, beef, bellyache, bitch, sound off, go on
British informal chunter, create, whinge, be on at someone
North American informal kvetch
South African informal chirp
British dated crib, natter