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1‘I find love songs really soppy’

sentimental, over-sentimental, overemotional, mawkish, cloying, sickly, saccharine, sugary, sugar-coated, syrupy
romantic, hearts-and-flowers
British twee
informal slushy, sloppy, mushy, weepy, tear-jerking, schmaltzy, cutesy, lovey-dovey, gooey, drippy, sloshy, soupy, treacly, cheesy, corny, icky, sick-making, toe-curling
North American informal cornball, sappy, hokey, three-hanky
Trademark Mills-and-Boon

2‘my little sisters were too soppy for our adventurous games’

silly, foolish, soft, feeble, namby-pamby, cowardly, spineless
informal sissy, sissified, drippy, wimpish, wimpy, weedy
British informal wet, daft