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1‘factories and chemical plants were spewing out clouds of yellow smoke’

emit, discharge, eject, expel, belch out, pour out, spout, disgorge

2‘240 million cubic metres of lava spewed out of the volcano’

pour, gush, spurt, surge, spout, jet, rush

3‘he felt faint and nauseous—he had to get out before he spewed’

vomit, be sick, spew up, fetch up
heave, retch, reach, gag
North American get sick
informal throw up, puke, chunder, chuck up, hurl, pray to the porcelain god, do the technicolor yawn, keck, ralph
British informal honk, shoot the cat, vom
Scottish informal boke
North American informal barf, spit up, upchuck, blow chunks, toss one's cookies, blow chunks
Australian, New Zealand informal go for the big spit, play the whale, yodel, perk
archaic regorge, purge, brake, cascade
rare egurgitate