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1‘we seek a harmony between body and spirit’

soul, psyche, inner self, inner being, essential being
Philosophy pneuma
Psychology anima, ego, id
Hinduism atman

body, flesh

2‘the spirit of nature’

life force, animating principle, vital spark, breath of life
élan vital

3‘local people say that his spirit walks among the hills’

ghost, phantom, spectre, apparition, wraith, shadow, presence
Scottish, Irish bodach
West Indian duppy
informal spook
literary phantasm, shade, revenant, visitant, wight
rare eidolon, manes

4‘this thought dampened even my optimistic spirit’

temperament, disposition, character, nature, personality, temper, make-up, humour, cast of mind, turn of mind, complexion
mind, heart

5‘she's got the right spirit’

attitude, frame of mind, way of thinking, way of looking at it, state of mind, point of view, outlook, thoughts, ideas

6‘the spirit of the team is high’

morale, team spirit
esprit de corps

7‘the spirit of the nineteenth century’

ethos, prevailing tendency, motivating force, animating principle, dominating characteristic, essence, quintessence
atmosphere, mood, feeling, temper, tenor, climate
attitudes, beliefs, principles, standards, ethics

8‘though he was in considerable discomfort, his spirit never failed him’

courage, bravery, courageousness, braveness, pluck, pluckiness, valour, strength of character, fortitude, backbone, spine, mettle, stout-heartedness, determination, firmness of purpose, resolution, resoluteness, resolve, fight, gameness
informal guts, grit, spunk
British informal bottle
North American informal sand, moxie

9‘they played with great spirit’

animation, enthusiasm, eagerness, keenness, liveliness, vivacity, vivaciousness, energy, verve, vigour, dynamism, zest, dash, elan, panache, sparkle, exuberance, gusto, brio, pep, go, sap, fervour, zeal, fire, passion
informal pizzazz, oomph, zing, zip, zap, vim, get-up-and-go

10‘we must be seen to keep to the spirit of the law as well as the letter’

real meaning, true meaning, true intention, essence, substance