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1‘the government had planted two spies in the organization’

secret agent, undercover agent, enemy agent, foreign agent, secret service agent, intelligence agent, double agent, counterspy, industrial spy, fifth columnist, mole, plant, scout
control, handler
North American spook
informal snooper
archaic intelligencer
archaic, informal beagle


1‘she spied some asparagus on a stall’

notice, observe, see, spot, sight, catch sight of, glimpse, catch a glimpse of, get a glimpse of, make out, discern, pick out, detect, have sight of
informal clap eyes on, lay eyes on, set eyes on
literary espy, behold, descry

2‘the couple were spied on by reporters’

observe furtively, keep under surveillance, watch, keep a watch on, keep an eye on, keep under observation, follow, shadow, trail
informal tail
rare surveil

3‘he agreed to spy for the West’

be a spy, be engaged in spying, gather intelligence, work for the secret service
informal snoop