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1‘wash and squash the cans before depositing them’

crush, squeeze, flatten, compress, press, smash, distort, mangle, pound, tamp down, trample, trample down, stamp on
pulp, mash, cream, liquidize, beat, pulverize, macerate

2‘she squashed some of her clothes inside the bag’

force, ram, thrust, plunge, push, stick, cram, jam, stuff, pack, compress, squeeze, wedge, press, tamp, pound, drive, hammer, bang

3‘the proposal was immediately squashed by the Heritage Department’

put an end to, put a stop to, bring to an end, nip in the bud, scotch, put the lid on
ruin, wreck, scupper, destroy, devastate, smash, shatter, demolish, queer
frustrate, thwart
informal put paid to, blow, put the kibosh on, clobber
British informal dish

4‘there was no need to squash him in front of his friends’

humiliate, humble, mortify, show up, bring down, take down, bring low, demean, expose, show in a bad light, shame, put to shame, make ashamed, discomfit, disgrace, discredit, downgrade, debase, degrade, devalue, dishonour, embarrass, put someone in their place, make a fool of, chasten, subdue, get the better of, have the last laugh on, abash, abase, crush, quash, deflate, flatten, make someone eat humble pie
informal put down, settle someone's hash, cut down to size
North American informal make someone eat crow
US informal own