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1‘this mollusc can squirt a cloud of purple ink into the water’

spurt, shoot, spray, spritz, fountain, jet, erupt
gush, pour, stream, rush, pump, surge, spew
spill, flow, course, well, spring, burst, issue, emanate
disgorge, discharge, emit, belch forth, expel, eject
British informal sloosh

2‘she squirted me with scent’

splash, wet, spray, shower, spatter, bespatter, splatter, sprinkle
Scottish, Irish informal slabber
literary besprinkle


1‘a squirt of water’

spurt, jet, spray, spritz, fountain, gush, stream, surge, flow

2‘a little squirt called Ollie Bogwhistle sneaked on me’

impudent person, insignificant person, gnat, insect
informal pipsqueak, twerp
British informal nerd, johnny, squit, whippersnapper, git, plonker
Scottish informal nyaff
North American informal bozo, picayune, pisher, snip, smart mouth
archaic malapert, quean
archaic, informal dandiprat
North American vulgar slang pissant
small fry