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1‘a market stall’

stand, table, counter, booth, kiosk, compartment

2‘he hauled the animal out of the stall’

pen, coop, sty, corral, enclosure, compartment, cubicle

3stalls‘they sat in the stalls of the empty theatre’

orchestra, parterre


1‘the launching of the agency has been stalled for more than a year’

obstruct, impede, interfere with, hinder, hamper, block, interrupt, hold up, hold back, stand in the way of, frustrate, thwart, balk, inhibit, hamstring, sabotage, encumber, restrain, slow, slow down, retard, delay, stonewall, forestall, arrest, check, stop, halt, stay, derail, restrict, limit, curb, put a brake on, bridle, fetter, shackle
informal stymie
North American informal bork
rare trammel

2‘quit stalling and give me the money’

use delaying tactics, play for time, temporize, gain time, hang back, hang fire, hold back, procrastinate, hedge, beat about the bush, drag one's feet, delay, filibuster, stonewall
US informal kick the can down the road

3‘stall him until I've had time to take a look’

delay, divert, distract
hold off, stave off, fend off, keep off, ward off, keep at bay, keep at arm's length