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1‘he stared at her in amazement’

gaze, gape, goggle, gawk, glare, ogle, leer, peer, look fixedly, look vacantly
study, survey, observe, watch closely, eyeball, outstare
informal rubberneck
British informal gawp


    stare someone in the face

    ‘the solution was staring him in the face’

    be obvious, be clear, be plain, be plain to see, be crystal clear, be evident, be apparent, be manifest, be patent, be conspicuous, be prominent, be transparent, be clear-cut, be palpable, be unmistakable, be indisputable, be self-evident, be undeniable, be as plain as a pikestaff, be writ large, be written all over one, be as clear as day, be blinding, be inescapable
    informal be as plain as the nose on one's face, be standing out like a sore thumb, be sticking out like a sore thumb, be standing out a mile, be sticking out a mile, be right under one's nose