Synonyms of start in English:


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1‘the meeting starts at 7.45’

begin, get under way, go ahead, get going
informal kick off
formal commence


2‘this was how her illness had started’

come into being, begin, be born, come into existence, appear, arrive, come forth, emerge, erupt, burst out, arise, originate, break, unfold, develop, crop up, first see the light of day
formal commence

end, clear up

3‘I'm starting a campaign to get the law changed’

establish, set up, found, lay the foundations of, lay the cornerstone of, lay the first stone of, sow the seeds of, create, bring into being, institute, initiate, inaugurate, introduce, open, begin, launch, float, kick-start, put in place, get something off the ground, get something going, get something moving, get something working, get something functioning, activate, originate, pioneer, organize, mastermind, embark on, make a start on, tackle, set about
informal kick something off

end, wind up

4‘we had better start now if we are going to finish the job in time’

make a start, begin, make a beginning, take the first step, lay the first stone, make the first move, get going, go ahead, set things moving, take something forward, buckle down, buckle to, turn to, put one's shoulder to the wheel, put one's hand to the plough, get the ball rolling, set the ball rolling, start the ball rolling
informal get moving, get cracking, get stuck in, get down to it, get to it, get down to business, get one's finger out, get the show on the road, take the plunge, kick off, pitch in, get off one's backside, fire away
British informal get weaving
formal commence

stop, hang about, give up

5‘Yanto started out across the sand at a brisk pace’

set off, set out, start out, set forth, begin one's journey, get on the road, depart, leave, get under way, make a start, sally forth, embark, sail
informal hit the road, hit the trail, push off
archaic set forward

arrive, stay

6‘you can start up the machine with the footswitch’

activate, set in motion, switch on, turn on, fire up
energize, actuate, set off, start off, get something going, get something moving, set something going, set something moving, start something functioning, start something operating, kick-start

stop, close down

7‘the machine started up’

begin working, start functioning, get going, start operating


8‘‘Oh my!’ she said, starting’

flinch, jerk, jump, twitch, recoil, shrink, blench, wince, shy

9‘she had seen Meg start suddenly from the thicket’

jump, leap, spring, bound, dash, charge, pounce, dive, rush, dart


1‘we were present at the start of the event’

beginning, inception, onset, emergence, appearance, first appearance, arrival, eruption, dawn, birth
establishment, foundation, institution, origination, inauguration, induction, creation, opening, launch, float, floating
informal kick-off
formal commencement

2‘that was the start of the trouble’

origin, source, root, starting point, germ, seeds, beginning, genesis
cause, reason, motivation, motive
fons et origo
literary fountainhead, wellspring, fount

3‘I gave them a quarter of an hour's start’

lead, head start, advantage, advantageous position

4‘they have worked hard to give their children a start in life’

advantageous beginning, flying start, opening, opportunity, chance, helping hand, encouragement, lift, assistance, support, boost, kick-start
informal break, leg up

5‘she awoke with a start’

jerk, twitch, flinch, wince, spasm, convulsion, jump