Synonyms of stick in English

: stick1stick2


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See Spanish definition of palo


1‘he gathered sticks and lit a fire’

piece of wood, twig, small branch

2‘Roger still walked with a stick’

walking stick, cane, staff
malacca, alpenstock, blackthorn, ashplant, rattan, thumb stick
Australian, New Zealand waddy

3‘the stems require adequate support—sticks or netting can be used’

cane, pole, beanpole, post, stake, upright, rod

4‘he had beaten her with a stick’

club, cudgel, bludgeon, shillelagh
truncheon, baton
cane, birch, switch, rod
Indian lathi, danda
South African kierie, knobkerrie
British informal cosh

5‘he's going to get some stick for this’

criticism, flak, censure, reproach, reproof, condemnation, castigation, chastisement, blame, abuse
informal a bashing, a roasting, a caning, an earful, a bawling-out
British informal verbal, a rollicking, a wigging, a rocket, a row
British vulgar slang a bollocking
rare animadversion

praise, commendation

Synonyms of stick in English

: stick1stick2


See US English definition of stick

See UK English definition of stick

See Spanish definition of palo


1‘he stuck his fork into the sausage’

thrust, push, insert, jab, dig, plunge, ram, force
poke, prod

2‘the bristles stuck into his skin’

pierce, penetrate, puncture, prick, spike, stab

3‘his front teeth stuck out’

protrude, jut out, project, stand out, extend, poke out, obtrude
overhang, beetle
informal be goofy
rare protuberate, impend

4‘the shabbiness of the surroundings stuck out’

stand out, be noticeable, be conspicuous, be obvious, catch the eye, be obtrusive

5‘the plastic seats stuck to my skin’

adhere, cling, be fixed, be glued

6‘a message was stuck to his computer screen’

affix, attach, fasten, fix
paste, glue, gum, tape, sellotape, pin, tack
weld, solder

7‘he drove into a bog, where his wheels stuck fast’

become trapped, become jammed, jam, catch, become wedged, become lodged, become fixed, become embedded, become immobilized, become unable to move, get bogged down

8‘one particular incident sticks in his mind’

remain, stay, linger, dwell, persist, continue, last, endure

be forgotten

9‘the authorities couldn't make the charges stick’

be upheld, hold, be believed, gain credence, be regarded as valid
informal hold water

10‘just stick that sandwich on my desk’

put, place, set, put down, set down, lay, lay down, deposit, situate, position
leave, stow
informal dump, bung, park, plonk, pop
North American informal plunk

11‘I don't think I can stick it any longer’

tolerate, put up with, take, stand, stand for, accept, stomach, swallow, endure, bear, support, brook, submit to, take something lying down
Scottish thole
informal abide
British informal wear, be doing with
archaic suffer

12‘if I had my knife here I would stick him’

stab, run through, transfix, impale, spit, spear


    the sticks

    ‘you should stop living in the sticks and move to London’

    the country, the countryside, the provinces, rural districts, the backwoods, the back of beyond, the wilds, the hinterland, a backwater
    North American the backcountry, the backland
    Australian, New Zealand the backblocks, the booay
    South African the backveld, the platteland
    informal the middle of nowhere
    North American informal the boondocks, the boonies, the tall timbers
    US informal hicksville
    Australian, New Zealand informal Woop Woop, beyond the black stump
    stick to

    ‘the government stuck to their election pledges’

    abide by, keep, adhere to, hold to, fulfil, make good


    stick by

    ‘whatever happens I'll stick by him’

    support, stand by, be loyal to, remain faithful to, be supportive of, be on someone's side, side with, back, defend

    turn against, turn one's back on, let down

    stick at

    ‘if you wish to learn a language, you must stick at it’

    persevere with, persist with, keep at, work at, continue with, carry on with, go on with, not give up with, hammer away at, stay with, follow through, see through, go the distance, stay the course
    informal soldier on with, stick it out, hang in there, put one's back into

    give up

    stick up for

    ‘I don't know anyone else who would stick up for me the way you do’

    support, give one's support to, take the side of, side with, be on the side of, stand by, stand up for, take someone's part, be supportive of, be loyal to, defend, come to the defence of, champion, speak up for, fight for

    turn against, turn one's back on

    stick it out

    ‘I decided to stick it out for another couple of months’

    put up with it, grin and bear it, keep at it, keep going, stay with it, see it through, see it through to the end
    persevere, persist, carry on, struggle on
    informal hang in there, soldier on, tough it out, peg away, plug away, bash on

    give up