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1‘his clothes stank of sweat’

reek, smell bad, smell disgusting, smell foul, smell to high heaven, stink to high heaven, give off a bad smell

2‘the whole idea stinks’

be very unpleasant, be abhorrent, be despicable, be contemptible, be disgusting, be vile, be foul
North American informal suck

3‘the whole affair stinks ofa set-up’

strongly suggest, have all the hallmarks of, smack of, give the impression of
reek of, smell of


1‘the stink of the place hit me as I went in’

stench, reek, foul smell, bad smell, fetidness, effluvium, malodour, malodorousness, miasma
British informal pong, niff, hum
Scottish informal guff
British rhyming slang pen and ink
North American informal funk
rare fetor, mephitis, noisomeness

2‘she kicked up a tremendous stink’

fuss, commotion, rumpus, ruckus, trouble, outcry, uproar, brouhaha, furore
informal song and dance, to-do, carry-on, hoo-ha
British informal row, kerfuffle
North American informal foofaraw