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1‘the severe storms that battered Orkney earlier this year’

tempest, squall
gale, hurricane, tornado, cyclone, typhoon, superstorm
thunderstorm, cloudburst, downpour, rainstorm, hailstorm, deluge, monsoon, tropical storm, electrical storm
snowstorm, blizzard
dust storm, dust devil
North American williwaw, ice storm, windstorm

2‘he's at the centre of a drugs storm in Germany’

uproar, commotion, furore, brouhaha, trouble, disturbance, hue and cry, upheaval
controversy, scandal, argument, fracas, fight, war of words
informal to-do, hoo-ha, rumpus, hullabaloo, ballyhoo, ructions, stink
British informal row

3‘the decision provoked a storm of protest’

outburst, outbreak, explosion, eruption, outpouring, surge, upsurge, avalanche, torrent, flood, deluge
blaze, flare-up

4‘a storm of bullets’

volley, salvo, fusillade, barrage, discharge, shower, spray, hail, rain

5‘an attempt at a storm on the castle was beaten back by defenders’

assault, attack, onslaught, offensive, charge, raid, foray, sortie, rush, descent, incursion, thrust, push, blitz, blitzkrieg, aggression
archaic onset


1‘she snatched up her coat and stormed out of the kitchen’

stride angrily, stomp, march, charge, stalk, flounce, stamp, fling

2‘police stormed the building’

attack, charge, rush, conduct an offensive on, make an onslaught on, make a foray on, make a raid on, make a sortie on, descend on, take by storm, attempt to capture

3‘his mother stormed at him and ordered him to go to bed’

rant, rave, rant and rave, shout, bellow, roar, thunder, rage, explode