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1‘they struggled to make sense of the words’

strive, try hard, endeavour, make every effort, spare no effort, exert oneself, do one's best, do all one can, do one's utmost, battle, labour, toil, strain, bend over backwards, put oneself out
informal go all out, give it one's best shot, put one's back into it, plug away, peg away
British informal graft
formal essay

2‘James was hit in the mouth as he struggled with the raiders’

fight, grapple, wrestle, scuffle, brawl, spar, exchange blows, come to blows
informal scrap
Scottish informal swedge

3‘research teams struggle to be first to the finish’

compete, contend, contest, vie, fight, battle, clash, wrangle, jockey, lock horns, cross swords, war, wage war, feud

4‘she struggled over the dunes’

scramble, flounder, stumble
make one's way with difficulty, drag oneself, battle one's way, fight one's way, battle, labour


1‘the continuing struggle for justice’

endeavour, striving, effort, exertion, labour, work, toiling, pains
campaign, battle, crusade, drive, push, movement
British informal graft

2‘we were able to apprehend the gang without a struggle’

fight, scuffle, brawl, tussle, wrestling match, sparring match, wrestling bout, bout, skirmish, fracas, melee, affray, encounter, disturbance, breach of the peace
informal scrap, barney, set-to, dust-up, punch-up, ruction, free-for-all, argy-bargy
British informal bust-up, ding-dong
Scottish informal swedge

3‘a third of the population perished in the struggle’

conflict, fight, battle, armed conflict, combat, confrontation, clash, skirmish, encounter, engagement
hostilities, fighting, war, warfare, campaign, crusade

4‘an unresolved struggle within the leadership’

contest, competition, battle, fight, clash, feud
contention, vying, rivalry, strife, friction, feuding, conflict

5‘life has been a struggle for me’

effort, labour, problem, trial, trouble, stress, strain, bother, battle
informal grind, hassle, pain