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1‘suede is tough, resilient stuff’

material, fabric, cloth, textile
matter, substance, medium

2‘the village shop sells first-aid stuff’

items, articles, objects, goods
informal things, bits and pieces, bits and bobs, odds and ends
British informal odds and sods, gubbins

3‘we stuck all my stuff in the suitcase’

belongings, possessions, personal possessions, effects, property, goods, goods and chattels
paraphernalia, accoutrements, appurtenances, trappings
informal gear, things, tackle, kit
British informal clobber, gubbins

4‘he knows his stuff’

facts, information, data, subject, discipline
informal onions


1‘flowers were used to stuff pillows and mattresses’

fill, pack, pad, line, wad, upholster

2‘Robyn stuffed clothes frantically into an overnight bag’

shove, thrust, push, ram, cram, squeeze, press, force, compress, jam, wedge
pack, crowd, stow, pile, stick

3‘a lot of people tend to stuff themselves with chocolate when they are angry or upset’

fill, cram, gorge, overindulge, satiate
gobble, devour, wolf, guzzle
informal pig, pig out, make a pig of oneself, stuff oneself to the gills
Northern Irish informal gorb

4‘my nose was stuffed up and my throat sore’

block, stop, bung
congest, obstruct, choke

5‘their team got stuffed again on Saturday’

trounce, defeat utterly, beat hollow, win a resounding victory over, annihilate, drub, rout, give someone a drubbing, crush, overwhelm, bring someone to their knees
informal hammer, clobber, thrash, paste, give someone a pasting, whip, pound, pulverize, massacre, crucify, demolish, destroy, wipe the floor with, take to the cleaners, make mincemeat of, murder, flatten, turn inside out, run rings around
British informal marmalize
North American informal shellac, blow out, cream, skunk
US informal own


    stuff and nonsense

    nonsense, twaddle, balderdash, claptrap, gibberish, drivel
    British rubbish
    informal poppycock, tripe, bunk, piffle, bosh, bilge, hot air, hogwash, hooey, baloney, mumbo jumbo
    British informal rot, cobblers, codswallop, tosh
    Scottish, Northern English informal havers
    Irish informal codology
    North American informal garbage, flapdoodle, blathers, wack, bushwa, applesauce
    US informal bellywash
    informal, dated tommyrot, bunkum
    vulgar slang bullshit, crap, bollocks, balls
    Australian, New Zealand vulgar slang bulldust