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1‘he stumbled on a brick and fell heavily’

trip, trip over, trip up, lose one's balance, lose one's footing, miss one's footing, founder, slip, pitch

2‘he stumbled back to his hotel room’

stagger, totter, teeter, dodder, lurch, lumber, blunder, reel, flounder, bumble, shamble, hobble, wobble, move clumsily
Scottish, Northern Irish sprauchle

3‘the Consul had stumbled through his speech’

stammer, stutter, hesitate, falter, speak haltingly, fumble for words
flounder, blunder, muddle
informal fluff one's lines


    stumble upon

    ‘I felt like I had stumbled upon a secret truth’

    come across, come upon, chance on, happen on, light on, hit on, come up with
    discover, encounter, find, unearth, uncover, locate, bring to light
    informal dig up, put one's finger on