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1‘a tree stump’

stub, end, tail end, remnant, remains, remainder, butt
piece, part, segment
informal fag end, dog end


1‘education chiefs were stumped by some of the exam questions’

baffle, perplex, puzzle, confuse, confound, bewilder, mystify, nonplus, defeat
be too much for, put at a loss, bring up short
informal flummox, fox, be all Greek to, throw, floor, discombobulate
archaic wilder, gravel, maze
rare obfuscate

2‘she stumped along the landing to the bathroom’

stomp, stamp, clomp, clump, lumber, trudge, plod
thump, thud, bang, thunder
Scottish, Northern Irish sprauchle


    stump something up

    ‘the banks would be willing to stump up the extra money’

    pay, pay up, hand over, part with, give, put in, contribute, donate
    fork out, shell out, dish out, lay out, come across with, cough up, chip in
    North American ante up, pony up