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1‘he is said to have slain or subdued all those who had plotted against him’

conquer, defeat, vanquish, get the better of, overpower, overcome, overwhelm, crush, quash, quell, beat, trounce, subjugate, master, suppress, gain the upper hand over, triumph over, tame, bring someone to their knees, hold in check, humble, chasten, cow
informal lick, thrash, wipe the floor with, clobber, demolish, hammer, make mincemeat of, walk all over

2‘she could not subdue her longing for praise’

curb, restrain, hold back, constrain, contain, inhibit, repress, suppress, stifle, smother, check, keep in check, arrest, bridle, rein in
control, govern, master, quash, quell
moderate, tone down, diminish, lessen, damp
informal lick, nip in the bud, keep a lid on, keep the lid on