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1‘the casual workers might be substitutes for agency workers’

replacement, deputy, relief, proxy, reserve, surrogate, cover, fill-in, stand-in, standby, locum, locum tenens, understudy, stopgap, alternative, ancillary
informal sub
North American informal pinch-hitter


1‘a substitute teacher’

acting, replacement, deputy, relief, reserve, surrogate, fill-in, stand-in, temporary, caretaker, alternative, locum, standby, backup, stopgap, interim, provisional, pro tem, proxy, ancillary
pro tempore
informal second-string
North American informal pinch-hitting



1‘low-fat cheese can be substituted for full-fat cheese’

exchange, use as a replacement, switch
replace with, use instead of, use as an alternative to, use in place of, use in preference to
North American trade
informal swap

2‘the Senate was empowered to substitute for the President’

deputize, act as deputy, act as a substitute, fill in, sit in, stand in, act as stand-in, cover, act as locum, be a proxy, hold the fort
take the place of, replace, relieve, understudy, take over from, represent, act in someone's stead
informal sub, fill someone's boots, fill someone's shoes, step into someone's boots, step into someone's shoes
North American informal pinch-hit