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1‘a pinstriped suit’

outfit, set of clothes, costume, ensemble
clothing, dress, attire, finery
habit, garb, livery
informal get-up, gear, togs, garms, duds
British informal kit, clobber
rhyming slang whistle, whistle and flute
formal apparel
archaic vestments

2‘they hated being messed around by suits in faraway boardrooms’

businessman, businesswoman, business person, executive, bureaucrat, administrator, manager, director

3‘he's been an expert witness in some important medical malpractice suits’

legal action, lawsuit, suit at law, case, court case, action, cause, legal proceeding, legal process, proceedings, judicial proceedings, litigation, trial, legal contest, legal dispute, bringing to book, bringing of charges, indictment, prosecution

4‘he could not compete with John in Marian's eyes and his suit came to nothing’

courtship, wooing, courting, addresses, attentions, homage, pursuit
respects, blandishments


1‘blue really suits you’

look attractive on, enhance the appearance of, look right on, look good on, become, flatter, show to advantage, set off, enhance, ornament, grace
informal do something for

2‘we offer savings schemes to suit all pockets’

be convenient for, be acceptable to, be suitable for, meet the requirements of, satisfy the demands of, be in line with the wishes of
befit, match, complement, go with
informal fit the bill

3‘the recipes are ideally suited to students’

make appropriate for, make appropriate to, make fitting for, make fitting to, tailor, fashion, accommodate, adjust, adapt, modify, fit, gear, equip, design
be cut out for

4‘the best way to construct a healthy diet is to find out which foods suit you’

be agreeable to, agree with, be good for, be healthy for