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1‘Dad was sulking in his room’

mope, brood, pout, be sullen, have a long face, be in a bad mood, be put out, be out of sorts, be out of humour, be grumpy, be despondent, be moody, be resentful, pine, harbour a grudge, eat one's heart out, moon about, moon around
informal be in a huff, be down in the dumps, be miffed, glower

be cheerful


1‘he sank into a deep sulk and nursed his hurt pride’

bad mood, fit of bad humour, fit of ill humour, fit of pique, pet, mood, pout, temper, bad temper, the sulks, the doldrums, the blues
Northern English, Midlands English mard
informal huff, grump
British informal strop, paddy

good mood