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1‘he was summoned to the American Embassy’

send for, call for, ask for, request the presence of, demand the presence of
ask, invite
archaic bid

2‘the court announced its decision to summon them as witnesses’

serve with a summons, summons, cite, serve with a citation, serve with a writ, subpoena

3‘the official receiver must summon a meeting’

convene, assemble, order, call, muster, rally, levy, round up
announce, declare
formal convoke

4‘he was unable to summon the courage to move closer to where the dogs were tied’

muster, gather, collect, rally, call into action, mobilize, screw up

5‘emigrants would summon up their memories of home’

call to mind, bring to mind, call forth, call up, conjure up, evoke, recall, revive, invoke, raise, arouse, kindle, awaken, excite, stir up, spark, spark off, provoke

6‘their spirits may be summoned and used for either good or evil’

conjure up, call up, invoke, rouse up