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1‘Kate looked at me in surprise’

astonishment, amazement, incredulity, bewilderment, stupefaction, wonder, confusion, disbelief

2‘the test was supposed to come as a big surprise’

shock, bolt from of the blue, bolt out of the blue, thunderbolt, bombshell, revelation, source of amazement, rude awakening, eye-opener
coloquial start
turn up for the books, shocker, whammy


1‘I was so surprised when I got the letter telling me about the award that I burst into tears’

astonish, amaze, nonplus, startle, astound, stun, flabbergast, stagger, shock, stop someone in their tracks, stupefy, leave open-mouthed, take someone's breath away, dumbfound, daze, benumb, confound, take aback, jolt, shake up
coloquial bowl over, knock for six, floor, blow someone's mind, strike dumb

2‘it seems that she surprised a burglar and he attacked her’

take by surprise, catch unawares, catch off guard, catch red-handed, catch in the act, catch napping, catch out, burst in on, catch someone with their pants down, catch someone with their trousers down, catch in flagrante delicto
Britanico coloquial catch on the hop