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1‘she had great difficulty swallowing food’

eat, gulp down, consume, devour, eat up, put away, gobble, gobble up, bolt, bolt down, wolf down, stuff down, gorge oneself on, feast on, polish off
ingest, assimilate
informal scoff, get outside of

2‘he swallowed the last of his drink’

drink, gulp down, guzzle, quaff, imbibe, sup, slurp, suck, sip
informal swig, swill down, slug, down, toss off
British informal neck
North American informal chug

3‘I've no intention of swallowing any more of your insults’

tolerate, endure, stand, put up with, bear, suffer, abide, submit to, countenance, stomach, brook, take, accept
informal stick, hack
British informal wear

4‘the magistrate swallowed my story and gave me a year's conditional discharge’

believe, credit, accept, trust, put confidence in, give credit to, have faith in
informal fall for, buy, go for, swallow something hook, line, and sinker, take as gospel

5‘last night she had swallowed her pride and rung his flat twice’

restrain, repress, hold back, choke back, keep back, hold in, bite back, suppress, fight back
overcome, check, conquer, control, keep under control, keep in check, curb, rein in, contain
silence, muffle, stifle, smother, strangle, gag, hide, bottle up, inhibit, frustrate
bite one's lip
informal keep the lid on, button up, cork up


    swallow someone or something up

    1‘he watched them till the darkness swallowed them up’

    engulf, swamp, devour, flood over, overwhelm, overcome, bury, drown, inundate

    2‘a number of art colleges were swallowed up by polytechnics’

    take over, engulf, absorb, assimilate, incorporate, overrun, overwhelm, swamp