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1‘the curtains were swaying in the breeze’

swing, shake, oscillate, rock, undulate, move from side to side, move to and fro, move back and forth

2‘she swayed on her feet and the doctor put out a hand to steady her’

stagger, wobble, rock, lurch, reel, roll, list, stumble, pitch, keel, veer, swerve

3‘his thoughts sway constantly between the desire to go on and the desire to settle down’

waver, fluctuate, vacillate, oscillate, alternate, vary, see-saw, yo-yo, equivocate, hesitate, shilly-shally, go from one extreme to the other
British hum and haw
informal wobble, blow hot and cold

4‘a lot of people are swayed by the media’

influence, affect, bias, persuade, prevail on, bring round, talk round, win over, convert
manipulate, bend, mould
informal nobble

5‘she mustn't allow herself to be swayed by emotion’

rule, govern, dominate, control, direct, guide


1‘the slow, easy sway of her hips’

swing, sweep, wave, roll, shake, movement, oscillation, undulation

2‘the province passed under the sway of the Franks’

jurisdiction, rule, government, sovereignty, dominion, control, command, power, authority, ascendancy, domination, mastery

3‘parliament is increasingly under the sway of dogmatists’

control, domination, power, authority, supremacy, influence, leadership, direction, leverage
informal pull, clout


    hold sway

    ‘they had held sway in France for a quarter of a century’

    hold power, wield power, exercise power, rule, be most powerful, be in power, be in control, predominate, have the ascendancy, have the greatest influence, have the upper hand, have the edge, have the whip hand, hold the whip hand
    informal run the show, be in the driving seat, be in the saddle