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1‘they whiled away their evening swilling pints of beer’

drink, quaff, swallow, down, gulp down, drain, guzzle, imbibe, sup, slurp, consume
informal swig, swill, swill down, slug, knock back, knock off, toss off, put away, bend one's elbow
British informal neck, get one's laughing gear round
North American informal chug, scarf down

2‘with a clatter of buckets and bowls, we started to swill down the yard’

wash, sluice, clean out, flush, rinse, bathe, cleanse, drench


1‘he took a noisy swill of coffee’

gulp, drink, swallow, draught, mouthful
informal swig, slug

2‘if a regular source of swill is available, pig keeping can be profitable’

pigswill, hogwash, pigwash, wash, mash
slops, scraps, refuse, scourings, leftovers, waste matter, waste, remains, detritus