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1‘the museum has been swindled out of a large sum of money’

defraud, cheat, trick, fleece, dupe, deceive, exploit, squeeze, milk, bleed
fool, take advantage of, mislead, delude, hoax, hoodwink, bamboozle, string along
coloquial do, con, sting, diddle, rook, rip off, take for a ride, pull a fast one on, pull the wool over someone's eyes, put one over on, take to the cleaners, bilk, gull, finagle
Britanico coloquial fiddle, swizzle, swizz, sell a pup to
Norteamericano coloquial stiff, euchre, bunco, hornswoggle
Britanico anticuado gazump
arcaico cozen, sharp
marginal mulct


1‘an insurance swindle’

fraud, trick, deception, deceit, trickery, chicanery, exploitation, cheat, imposture, sham, sharp practice, artifice
ruse, dodge, racket, wile
coloquial con trick, con, sting, diddle, rip-off, flimflam
Britanico coloquial fiddle, swizzle, swizz
Norteamericano coloquial bunco