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1‘fishing tackle’

gear, equipment, apparatus, outfit, kit, rig, hardware
tools, implements, instruments, accoutrements, paraphernalia, trappings, contrivances, appurtenances, utensils
informal things, stuff, clobber, bits and pieces
archaic equipage

2‘they attached lifting tackle to it, and hauled it on deck’

system of pulleys, hoisting gear, pulley, hoist, block and tackle, crane, winch, davit, windlass, sheave

3‘his run was brought to a halt by the scrum half's tackle’

interception, challenge, block, attack


1‘we welcome the Government's determination to tackle environmental problems’

get to grips with, apply oneself to, address oneself to, address, set about, go about, get to work at, take forward, busy oneself with, set one's hand to, grapple with, approach, take on, attend to, see to, throw oneself into, try to solve, try to deal with, try to cope with, try to sort out
deal with, take measures about, take care of, pursue, handle, manage
start on, embark on
informal get stuck into, have a crack at, have a go at, have a shot at

2‘when I tackled Nina about it, she admitted that she'd bribed one of the chambermaids’

confront, speak to, face, face up to, initiate a discussion with, discuss something with, interview, question, cross-examine
accost, waylay
remonstrate with

3‘he was stabbed in the chest after he tackled a masked intruder’

confront, face up to, take on, contend with, challenge
seize, grab, take hold of, grapple with, obstruct, intercept, block, stop
bring down, knock down, throw down, floor, fell, rugby-tackle
informal have a go at

4‘the winger got tackled’

intercept, rugby-tackle, challenge, block, stop, attack