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1‘he set himself the daunting task of writing a full-length book’

job, duty, chore, charge, labour, piece of work, piece of business, assignment, function, commission, mission, engagement, occupation, undertaking, exercise, business, responsibility, errand, detail, endeavour, enterprise, venture, quest, problem, burden


    take someone to task

    ‘he took some experts to task for their optimistic predictions’

    rebuke, reprimand, reprove, reproach, remonstrate with, upbraid, scold, berate, lecture, castigate, censure, criticize, admonish, chide, chasten, lambast, nag, blame, arraign, call to account, haul over the coals, read someone the Riot Act
    informal tell off, give someone a dressing-down, give someone a talking-to
    British informal tick off, carpet
    North American informal bawl out, chew out

    praise, commend