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1‘she thrashed him across the head and shoulders’

hit, beat, flog, whip, horsewhip, scourge, lash, flagellate, flail, strap, birch, cane, belt, leather
Norteamericano bullwhip
coloquial give someone a hiding, tan someone's hide, lather, paste, take a strap to, beat the living daylights out of
Norteamericano coloquial whale
arcaico switch, stripe, thong
marginal quirt

2‘Newcastle were thrashed 8–1 by the Czech team’

trounce, beat hollow, defeat utterly, rout, annihilate, triumph over, win a resounding victory over, be victorious over, crush, overwhelm, best, get the better of, worst, bring someone to their knees
coloquial lick, hammer, clobber, paste, pound, pulverize, crucify, demolish, destroy, drub, give someone a drubbing, cane, walk all over, wipe the floor with, give someone a hiding, take to the cleaners, blow someone out of the water, make mincemeat of, murder, massacre, slaughter, flatten, turn inside out, tank
Britanico coloquial stuff, marmalize
Norteamericano coloquial blow out, cream, shellac, skunk, slam
EEUU coloquial own

3‘he lay on the ground thrashing around in pain’

flail, thresh, flounder, toss and turn, jerk, toss, squirm, writhe, twist, wriggle, wiggle, twitch


    thrash something out

    1‘it is essential that conflicting views are heard and thrashed out’

    resolve, settle, sort out, straighten out, iron out, reconcile, disentangle, clarify, clear up, talk through, confer about, debate, exchange views about, exchange views on, chew over, air, ventilate, argue out, argue the pros and cons of
    go into, deal with, handle, pursue, examine, explore, review, study, scrutinize, analyse, weigh up, sift
    coloquial kick about, kick around, bat about, bat around

    2‘they spent much of the weekend trying to thrash out an agreement’

    produce, come to a decision on, work out, form a resolution about, negotiate, agree on, bring about, complete, accomplish, carry through, effect