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1‘how dare you threaten me?’

menace, intimidate, browbeat, bully, cow, pressurize, lean on, terrorize, frighten, scare, alarm
make threats against, issue threats to, threaten to harm, threaten to kill

2‘the rise of nationalism could threaten the stability of Europe’

endanger, be a danger to, be a threat to, menace, imperil, put at risk, make vulnerable, expose to danger, put in jeopardy, jeopardize, drive a nail into the coffin of
archaic peril

3‘the air was raw and threatened rain’

warn of, be a warning of, give a warning of, promise, presage, augur, portend, foreshadow, prophesy, be an omen of
foretell, herald, bode, announce, be a harbinger of, be an indication of, indicate, point to
be a sign of, signal, signify, mean, spell, add up to, amount to, be evidence of
literary betoken, foretoken, forebode, harbinger

4‘as rain threatened, the party was moved indoors’

be likely, be likely to happen, be imminent, be at hand, be close at hand, be near, be close, be approaching, be on the horizon, be just around the corner, be brewing, be gathering, be looming, be coming, be coming soon, be coming up, be on the way, be expected, be anticipated, be in prospect, be in the wind, be in the air, be forthcoming, be impending
hang over someone
informal be on the cards