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1‘thunder and lightning’

thunderclap, thunder crack, thunder roll, roll of thunder, peal of thunder, rumble of thunder, crack of thunder, crash of thunder, rumbling, crashing, roar
literary thunderbolt

2‘she heard the thunder of hooves behind her’

rumble, rumbling, boom, booming, roar, roaring, pounding, thud, thudding, thump, thumping, crash, crashing, bang, banging, ring, ringing, grumble, growl, resounding, reverberation, echo
tattoo, drumbeat, rataplan


1‘below me the surf thrashed and thundered’

rumble, boom, roar, blast, pound, thud, thump, bang, ring, grumble, growl, resound, reverberate, echo, beat

2‘he thundered on about Italy's invasion of Abyssinia’

protest strongly at, make a protest against, fulminate against, inveigh against, rail against, rage against, declaim against, remonstrate about, expostulate about, make a fuss about, speak out against, express disapproval of
object to, raise objections to, take issue with, oppose strongly, complain bitterly about, complain vociferously about, disagree violently with, kick against, take exception to, make a stand against, take a stand against, put up a fight against, challenge, curse
condemn, criticize severely, denounce, censure
informal kick up a fuss about, kick up a stink about

3‘‘Answer me,’ he thundered’

roar, bellow, bark, yell, shout, bawl, howl, cry, clamour, bay, scream, screech
growl, yowl
North American informal holler
rare vociferate, ululate