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1‘the alloy is highly reflective and was thus widely used for mirrors’

consequently, as a consequence, in consequence, so, that being so, therefore, accordingly, hence, as a result, for that reason, for this reason, because of that, because of this, on that account, on this account

2‘legislation forbids such data being held thus’

like that, like this, in that way, in this way, in that manner, in this manner, in that fashion, in this fashion, so, like so
as follows, as shown, as demonstrated
informal thusly
archaic in that wise, in this wise, on that wise, on this wise


    thus far

    ‘thus far they had found nothing’

    so far, until now, until then, up until now, up until then, till now, till then, up to now, up to then, up to that point, up to this point, hitherto
    rare thitherto