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1‘the ascent grew steeper and he began to tire’

become tired, get tired, grow tired, become fatigued, weaken, grow weak, lose one's strength, flag, droop, drop

stay fresh

2‘the journey had tired him’

fatigue, tire out, wear out, overtire, weary, exhaust, drain, sap, wash out, tax, overtax, enervate, debilitate, enfeeble, jade, incapacitate, devitalize, prostrate
informal whack, shatter, bush, knacker, frazzle, wear to a frazzle, poop, take it out of, fag out, do in, knock out


3‘they tired of his difficult behaviour’

weary, become tired, get tired, become weary, get weary, become fed up, get fed up, become fed to death, get fed to death, become bored, get bored, become satiated, get satiated, become jaded, get jaded, become sick, get sick, become sick to death, get sick to death, sicken
have had a surfeit, have had enough, have had a glut
informal have had something up to here

4‘their constant boasting tires me’

bore, weary, make someone fed up, sicken, nauseate
irk, irritate, exhaust someone's patience, annoy, exasperate, get on someone's nerves
informal get to

stimulate, excite