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1‘you're just tired from travelling’

worn out, exhausted, fatigued, tired out, overtired, weary, sleepy, drowsy, wearied, sapped, dog-tired, spent, drained, jet-lagged, played out, debilitated, prostrate, enervated, jaded, low
informal all in, done, done in, done up, dead, dead beat, dead tired, dead on one's feet, asleep on one's feet, ready to drop, fagged out, bushed, worn to a frazzle, shattered, burnt out
British informal knackered, whacked
North American informal pooped

energetic, fresh, wide awake

2‘are you tired of having him here?’

fed up with, bored by, bored with, weary of, sick of, sick and tired of, jaded by, jaded with, surfeited by, surfeited with, satiated by, glutted by, glutted with
have had enough of
informal have had a basinful of, have had it up to here with, have had something up to here

3‘there were tired jokes about buckets and spades’

hackneyed, worn out, stale, overworked, threadbare, warmed-up, banal, trite, stock, stereotyped, clichéd, run-of-the-mill, commonplace, platitudinous, unoriginal, unimaginative, uninspired, flat
out of date, outdated, outmoded, passé, archaic, obsolete, defunct, antiquated
North American warmed-over
informal old hat, corny, out of the ark, played out, hacky, past their sell-by date

fresh, lively