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1‘a voice screamed in torment’

agony, suffering, torture, pain, anguish, misery, distress, affliction, trauma, wretchedness, woe
hell, purgatory
rare excruciation

pleasure, joy

2‘the solitary nights she spent were a torment’

ordeal, affliction, scourge, curse, plague, bane, thorn in someone's flesh, thorn in someone's side, cross to bear
calamity, sorrow, tribulation, vexation, persecution, trouble, pest, irritation, irritant, annoyance, worry, nuisance, misfortune, bother, discomfort, soreness, harassment
informal pain in the neck


1‘she was tormented by shame’

torture, afflict, harrow, plague, distress, agonize, cause agony to, cause suffering to, cause pain to, inflict anguish on
excruciate, crucify, rack, pain
mortify, worry, trouble
abuse, maltreat, mistreat, molest

2‘Maggie began to torment the two younger boys’

tease, taunt, victimize, bully, bait, chaff, harass, rib, scorn
irritate, vex, annoy, pester, badger, harry, hector, plague, be a nuisance to, bother, trouble, bedevil, be a pest to, nag, persecute, worry, nettle, chivvy, irk
informal needle, rag, hassle, aggravate

encourage, support