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1‘he went on a grand tour of Europe’

excursion, journey, expedition, trip, jaunt, outing, day trip, junket, voyage, trek, safari
rare peregrination

2‘a tour of a car factory’

visit, inspection, guided tour, walk round, survey, walkabout, ramble

3‘they lost all four matches on the tour’

circuit, ambit
round, course, beat, leg, lap

4‘his tour of duty in Ulster was ending’

stint, stretch, spell, shift, turn, assignment, duty, period of service, period of enlistment


1‘this hotel is well placed for touring Somerset’

travel round, travel through, journey through, go on a trip through, go on an excursion in, explore, voyage around, trek around, sightsee in, cruise, range over, roam in, rove through, wander through, globetrot
British holiday in
informal do

2‘you'll have to tour the client's factory and see how the product is made’

visit, go round, go around, walk round, drive round, see, explore, inspect, review, survey, scrutinize, reconnoitre