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1‘police hope to trace the owner of the jewellery’

track down, find, discover, detect, unearth, uncover, turn up, hunt down, dig up, ferret out, run to ground
follow, pursue, trail, shadow, stalk, dog

2‘we've traced the call’

find the source of, find the origins of, find the roots of, follow to its source, source

3‘trace a map of the world on to a large piece of paper’

copy, reproduce, go over, draw over, draw the lines of
draw, draw up, sketch, draft, outline, rough out, mark out, delineate, map, chart, record, indicate, show, depict


1‘in the east wall is the trace of a pointed arch’

vestige, sign, mark, indication, suggestion, evidence, clue
remains, remnant, relic, survival
ghost, echo, memory

2‘she spoke good English with only a trace of an accent’

bit, spot, speck, touch, hint, suggestion, suspicion, nuance, intimation
trifle, drop, dash, tinge, tincture, streak, shred, crumb, fragment, shadow, whiff, breath, jot, iota
informal smidgen, tad

3‘there was enough dust on the floor to have preserved traces of feet’

trail, track, spoor, marks, tracks, prints, imprints, footprints, footmarks, footsteps