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1‘he left a trail of clues’

series, stream, string, line, chain, row, succession, train

2‘wolves on the trail of their prey’

track, spoor, path, scent
traces, marks, signs, prints, imprints, impressions, footprints, footmarks, footsteps

3‘the plane was leaving an impressive vapour trail’

wake, tail, stream, slipstream

4‘the torrential rain left a trail of devastation’

train, chain, series, sequence, aftermath

5‘a trail of ants’

line, row, train, file, rank, column, procession, string, chain, array, group, following, entourage, convoy
British queue

6‘country parks with nature trails’

path, beaten path, pathway, way, footpath, track, course, road, route


1‘my hands were trailing in the water’

drag, sweep, be drawn, draw, stream, dangle, hang, hang down, tow, droop
archaic depend

2‘the roses grew wild, their stems trailing over the banks’

creep, crawl, slide, slink, slither

3‘Sharpe suspected that they were trailing him’

follow, pursue, track, trace, shadow, stalk, dog, hound, spoor, hunt, hunt down, course, keep an eye on, keep in sight, run to earth, run to ground, run down
informal tail, keep tabs on, keep a tab on

4‘the defending champions were trailing 10–5 at half time’

lose, be down, be behind, lag behind, fall behind, drop behind

5‘Mark balked at the idea of trailing around the shops all day’

trudge, plod, drag oneself, wander, amble, meander, drift
dawdle, straggle, loiter, linger, lag
fall behind, take one's time, not keep up, bring up the rear
Scottish, Irish traik
informal tag along behind

6‘he let his voice trail off’

fade, dwindle, diminish, lessen, wane, ebb, subside, weaken, peter out, melt away, fizzle out, taper off, tail off, grow faint, grow dim, evaporate, disappear, vanish, die, come to nothing, come to a halt, come to an end, run out

7‘the BBC trailed the series as unsuitable for young people’

advertise, publicize, announce, proclaim
preview, show excerpts of, call attention to
informal hype