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1‘a translation of the ‘Odyssey’’

rendering, rendition, gloss, conversion, construing, transcription, transliteration, metaphrase

2‘a modern translation of Hamlet's ‘to be, or not to be’ speech’

rendition, adaptation, version, rendering, paraphrase, paraphrasing, rewording, rephrase, rephrasing, recasting, conversion, deciphering, decoding, gloss, crib, simplification, explanation, elucidation, clarification

3‘the translation of these policies into practice will vary according to local circumstances’

change, conversion, transformation, alteration, adaptation, turning, metamorphosis, transmutation, transfiguration, rendering
humorístico transmogrification

4‘the translation of the Archbishop's remains from London to Canterbury’

relocation, transfer, transferral, move, moving, movement, removal, shift, conveyance, conveying, transport, transportation