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1‘it is quite possible that the question was set as a trap’

trick, stratagem, ploy, ruse, wile, deception, artifice, subterfuge, device, trickery
informal set-up
archaic toils

2‘he was fairly certain now that he was walking into a trap, and wished he'd come armed’

ambush, lure, decoy, bait
dated ambuscade

3‘she wrote about what a trap her marriage was’

snare, net
cage, prison
encumbrance, burden, problem

4‘shut your trap!’

mouth, jaws, lips, maw
informal chops, kisser, yap
British informal gob, cakehole, mush
North American informal puss, bazoo
Northern Irish informal bake


1‘police trapped the two men, who admitted blackmail’

snare, entrap, ensnare, enmesh, lay a trap for
capture, catch, bag, land, hook, corner, waylay, ambush
seize, take, lay hold of, run to earth, run to ground
archaic ambuscade

2‘a rat trapped in a barn’

confine, catch, cut off, corner, pin down, drive into a corner, pen, hem in, close in, shut in, hedge in, imprison, hold captive

3‘he trapped his finger in a spring-loaded hinge’

get stuck, catch, get caught

4‘the politicians had trapped him into a game played by their rules’

trick, dupe, deceive, cheat, lure, inveigle, beguile, fool, hoodwink, seduce, cajole, wheedle, gull
catch out, trip up, outwit, outsmart
archaic cozen