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1‘a casket of treasure’

riches, valuables, jewels, gems, gold, silver, precious metals, money, cash
wealth, fortune
British treasure trove

2‘art treasures’

valuable object, valuable, work of art, objet of virtu, masterpiece

3‘she's been a real treasure—I don't know what I would have done without her’

paragon, gem, angel, nonpareil
find, prize
informal star, one of a kind, one in a million, something else, the tops

4‘he was no longer her treasure but a naughty child too old to be smacked’

darling, angel, apple of one's eye, pride and joy


1‘I treasure the photographs I took of Jack’

cherish, hold dear, place great value on, prize, set great store by, value greatly, esteem
adore, dote on, love dearly, be devoted to, idolize, worship, think very highly of, appreciate greatly
preserve, keep safe